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Xi'an Tidu Metal Science Co., Ltd
Address: Room2202, Tower B, HaiJia YunDing, No.2, GaoXin Road, GaoXin District, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Tel:0086-29-88993673, 88993780
contact: Veronica Sun
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2009-1-8 23:32:00

Baoji Tidu Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. (TIDU for short) is located in an important titanium industry city of China - Baoji of Shaanxi Province.The company is a comprehensive enterprise specialized in the processing, production, development, and sales of titanium and its alloy, refractory, rare and nonferrous metal materials. Relying on the powerful comprehensive strength of “China’s Titanium Capital”, the company is committed to sharing resources efficiently; being richly endowed by nature with the advantages of locality, material and scientific research, supplying customers with superior products.
Main customers: U.S. DME Company,Duquesne ultrasound U.S. ,Dongfang Steam Turbine Group ,Baoji Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.,etc.
Titanium Materials: Titanium, titanium alloy pipes, plates, bars and wires.
Composite Materials: Titanium/steel, titanium/stainless steel, nickel/steel and all kinds of metals Matching With Standard clad plates and clad bars.
Products: Titanium & titanium alloy valves, flanges, standard components, connecting pieces for Artificial limbs, all types of nonstandard titanium products, etc.
Equipments: Titanium storage tanks, coils, heat exchangers, baskets, titanium anodes for water treatment, etc.
Our production concept: Quality first, customer satisfaction, seek for greater perfection, to be pragmatic and innovative.
Our operation objective: Honesty is the foundation; trust comes first, rational profit seeking and mutual development.
Our company will stick to our production idea and operation objective by constant guaranteed quality and material to pursue users’ consistent worth and brand supports, all the staff and workers of the company and colleagues from all circles strive for the prosperity of China’s nonferrous metals, and mutual progress.
Sincerely welcome friends from all circles to visit, write to us, negotiate and cooperate with us.